Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Work

OK It is  really, really cold 11 on the thermometer, feels like 5.
Every weather station is warning of record cold temperatures, we will have a very full barn tonight.
I have baked whoopie pies, pumpkin bread, meatloaf with gravy and biscuits...when it's cold I really prefer to run the oven vs. the heat.
Something happened a week ago that made me think, I ran out of shortening while baking.
I had made the outer shells for whoopie pies, and needed shortening for the filling.
Bob and I took a ride to Target, they had no shortening , so I ended up purchasing it at the corner convenience store, paying a premium.
I feel like I now have a good handle on Menu planning,we are waisting less by planning to re purpose left overs and like ingredients.I am working on my garden plan, and will be adding freezer animals.
When I plan the menu, and the shopping list I usually shop the pantry first.
I have decided the next logical step for me is going to be stockpiling food and dry goods such as toilet paper. Some of the blogs I like have written on the subject:
Building the pantry and stockpiling paper goods,and root  veggies, should help me simplify even more, and I think winter is a good time to start this project .
I see a number of advantages to stockpiling

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