Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Parking Baby

Another group of photo's from Sundays Common Ground Fair. This collection has caused me to do some thinking .Bob was driving and we were exiting the parking lot, when we spotted a horse and buggy in the woods. Our first thought was runaway horse. We parked and got out. After looking closer we discovered the draft to be very purposely, tied of to a tree in full harness. At first glance I thought this seemed mean. After all who puts their draft in the woods and go to the fair?After 16 hours of work in the big orange box, I'm thinking this draft owner is smarter than I.At least they are taking time to work with their draft.

I did get a couple Belgian kisses today but that said I mostly worked.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Time Flies

Toni and Jeff were here for the day Sunday.

For those of you who don't know Nickel was born on Toni and Jeff's farm in RI.

It has been about a year and a half sense they last, got to see Nickel up close and in person. Toni reports he is about 6" taller then his 1/2 sister Dee who, Jeff and Toni own.

Dee and Nickel are 10 days apart.

Nickel was happy to have the extra loving. The visit was short, we squeezed in the fair. Next time we hope to get in a ride or drive. Time flies when your having fun.

Common Ground Fair

Yesterday was Common Ground Fair, in Unity Maine.

Unity Maine I have learned is twice as far as Fryburg.

Bob classified it as a "hippie fair", and I would say that sums it up.

It was OK, lots of fair food, too much for some.

Some nice crafts, mostly over priced.

A decent farmers market , I bought leaks , for leak and potato soup. The best part was walking around chatting with Jeff and Toni and as usual I liked seeing the animals, not enough Belgians though.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

First week of Fall

At work the Christmas trees are up and the decorations for sale.While we are nearing the end of the first week of fall and what a beauty. The temps have been perfect. Every day has been clear and the nights are nice for sleeping. We still have some veggies in the garden ,cold crops. The hens have slowed production some, yesterday we got 3 eggs today we had one. Bob is having some work done on the drive starting tomorrow (more about that tomorrow). I on the other hand have started decorating for fall.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Featherd Friends

The best part of my day,is the part I spend at home.

It is bow and bird hunting season, but no one told the local flock.

Today was a clear,sunny 80degree day. When I got home Mr.Mr (the rooster) was in the front yard. Mini waited patiently while I walked the dogs. Joey ran in as soon as the bell was rung. Kittie followed the 2 mini's. Everyone is in and accounted for and it is a god thing, the coyote's are screaming!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning

The Big Boys know how to enjoy a Sunday morning. I was up at 5 for a 6 am store meeting. Before I drove out, I gave the boys breakfast and a bale of hay. When I came back at 8,Bob and I took a ride to get a coffee, when we returned the Belgians looked quite content.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Maine in the Fall

Maine is beautiful in the fall. If you were considering a trip to Maine to peak at the fall colors, you might consider these events for part of your visit.

Next week is Common Ground Fair,

then the week of October 4th starts Fryburg Fair ,

and October 4th itself is The Twenty Mile Meal,

Octoberfest at Abenaki Draft Club is October 18th. All very affordable , fun events. I am most looking forward to Common Ground ( and going to the draft show with Jeff and Toni)

and 20 Mile Meal .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


my new camera is awesome, I wish it came equipped with extra time, I would of taken picture of dinner.

A day on the farm
Bob worked in Ma. we woke at4, he left at 5. He feeds the drafts and kitty before he leaves for work.
I walk the dogs get them fresh water, and kibble.
Shovel, the paddock, move the drafts to pasture,put out the Minni's.
Clean the mini stall, feed pig and open chicken house
I did chores till 6 washed ,changed and made a smoothie.
Drove to work,drank smoothie read a sign that said "Lobsters 3.49lb".
Worked 4 hrs.
Drove home ,heated lunch, fed the boys .
Drove back to work , ate lunch in route.
Went to staff. Worked 4 more.
Went to Shaw's, bought cheese and dish liquid.
Drove home stopped and bought Lobster(4 @18) picked up the mail.
Opened house ,boiled water,walked dogs cooked lobster, walked Minis,cleaned paddocks shucked Lobsters, cleaned dog kennels,brought Big Boys in from out back.
Moved horses.washed clothes, Made scampi. Locked up chickens, fed horses,took bath... and so on. I love my farm.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blessing on our meal

Today when looking over what I had collected in the chicken coop, in the garden and at my csa, all I could think was what a blessing. This is a wonderful time of year. and we had an awesome ,fresh stir fry for dinner.
2 heads lettuce
1# carrots
1 garlic bulb
1# onions
2 green peppers
2 hot peppers
1.75# tomatoes
6 stems kale
Choice: 1-1/3# eggplant OR
cucumbers OR summer squash

Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting the Starter


1 c. sugar1 c. milk1 c. flour
Combined ingredients in a large, deep glass container. Cover lightly. Placed a clean dishtowel over the container and secure it with a rubber band. Store at room temperature. Stir every day for 17 days...to be continued

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chicken and Kale soup

As i look through the photo's from today , i am indulging in a bowl of chicken and kale soup. I was very much in a fall mood this week end, perhaps prematurely.Yesterday we had roasted chicken and today I pulled a bag of veggies from the freezer and made a soup. The veggies are a collection of CSA "left overs". When our garden share is more then we can eat I bag it and freeze it for soup. This was a yummy test run.

A Hooves and Hounds Sunday

Today was a wonderful day at Hooves and Hounds Farm. Having two extra people on the farm ( Bobby and Keri) made it possible for everyone to get a little more attention. After a yummy breakfast of fresh apples n waffles we started sharing the love. Keri brought the Minni's, hens and pig some scraps. After cleaning up Bob harnessed Nick and Jake and we took Keri for a drive, while Bobby walked Beau.Having three hounds and two people , one on one is special.
While we were driving the sun came out and we noticed some of the trees are turning their liefs. When we returned we went and harvested potatoes, only 2-3 lbs , but some nice fresh potatoes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Apple sauce and apple butter

The apple sauce is done and in jars. The apple butter is going to take 5 plus hours. All of the animals are happy to help clean up the scraps.

apple picking

We picked a bushel , of a combination of Cortland's and Macintosh the trees were loaded with apples. The owners Grandson gave us a hay ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor and tought us some facts. We learned that the little plastic bags that hung from the trees held human hair clippings, believed to keep deer away.Based on the amount of apples on each tree I think it worked.

Brackett's Orchards , Maine

Bobby and Keri are here for the week end, and today we went apple picking.

We went to an orchard that was new to us Brackett;s Orchards in Limington , Maine.

The view from the orchard was beautiful,the people were very charming and the apples were Huge and yummy. The orchard was 3oo years old, and the couple who greeted us were third generation to the current owners. Oddly they live in Middleboro Ma. and come to Maine to help on the orchard on the week ends. When you arrive at the orchard you go in a little building a"store" and purchase a bag to hold your apples. You can purchase a bushel bag or a peck bag. The building was very neat , awesome style.