Monday, August 31, 2009


I have a new camera! Yay

The course of events ,past present and upcoming dictated that there was a need for a new camera.

I lost my scan disk,

the lens cover on my camera was not opening and

we are expecting! A male Rottie Pup.

All signs pointed to the need for a new high tek, fancy digital camera. So today at lunch Bob and I bought a new camera. I bought the digital version of my 35 mm. and an extra zoom lens. hehehe

Getting it today allows for plenty of practice shots before Lager arrives, on or about the 20th of September. (you have all received warning)

Here are random shots off the deck. Bare with me as I learn.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lost my SIM card

No photo's today, because I have lost m Sim card.
However we had an awesome day.
Hooves and Hounds and Harley's.
A perfect sunny end to summer.We did chores early ,me inside and Bob outside. I canned green tomatoes and vacuumed while Bob shoveled then we went to Kennebunkport on the Harley we had a pizza. Then we came home and road the 2 Belgians down Duke Lane,yes I took Jake Bob took Nickel. Then we turned the boys out and we came in and ate the steamers we purchased while out on the bike. Over all I would say that was a perfect day in Maine.

Friday, August 28, 2009


OK it was 8PM when we tucked the chicken's in and fed the boys , it has been a long day. Maybe we don't yet have time for a Grand baby.But when we do, I will indulge.


I love my Belgians,but this was one sexy Clyde,and that little Cow Girl had me longing for a Grand Baby.

Not Just a "Fair Day"

Today was a very good day! No work and a lot of horses= a very good day. Today I had a personal day , no work. Bob and I went to the Acton Fair. We watched the Draft horses and Minni's.When we got home we took the team for a drive. The cool temps, helped to control the flies. After our drive I worked Jake.Today I got on his back. Riding Jake at this point is an exercise in trust not style. Over all it was a good day

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gut to h ave them

Today Bob added gutters to the boys run in. It kinda rains a bit , here in Maine. We needed a diversion for the rain because when it puddles Jake , drinks the puddles. When Jake drinks the puddles he gets the runs. He can not afford any irregularities with his weight. The video is just for fun from Mini.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Share for August

1 head lettuce
1/3 lettuce mix
¾# summer squash
1 cucumber
1 pepper
1.5 #potatoes
3/4# yellow beans
1 small & 1 large cabbage
1 pint cherry tomatoes
¾# tomatoes
½ # broccoli
Choice: 3/4# carrots or 3/4#
beets ( carrots )
Choice: 2 peppers or 2 eggplant (we took peppers)

Today is Tuesday ,my favorite day of the work week. Because I go from work to garden share pick up. Today we were blessed with more fresh veggies then we could eat in a week,so I did some winter canning. Bob took Elvis to class, he got a good report.

Rainy Monday

The boys came in out of the rain Monday afternoon , for a little pampering. No complaints,were heard from anyone.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Play Day

This week end has been out of sorts. Every Saturday ,I scrub the house (top to bottom takes 4.5hrs. Yesterday we went to Ma. (Hollies Graduation) no chores got done. This morning I had to be at a company meeting 6am-8,then I did my inside chores, Bob did outside chores. Then we hopped on the Harley and went to Bently's.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dinner for Two

I'm sorry I did not take a picture however we are in a interesting place. HeatWave. We went from rain rain rain to heat waive, hotter here in Maine then in Florida. Last night we realized even the stove top gives of heat. Tonight we worked on solutions. We used the rice steamer with the veggies from our harvest with oyster sauce a chicken breast cooked on grills side burner.
2 heads lettuce ( used one last night /taco salad)
¾# beets (saved)
1.5# fresh onions
¾# summer squash
2 cucumbers
1 hot pepper(in taco salad)
2/3# yellow beans
1# carrots
1 bunch swiss chard
Choice: 1 pint OR 1# tomato

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crazy Mini

This is Mini Sparks after his 1st and 2nd bath on Sunday morning.

Yes that is to say he got 2 baths. After the first bath , I foolishly turned him out to paddock. He rolled and rolled and rolled some more until he was as dirty as he has ever been. Then I smartened up and bathed him in the barn and locked him in Nickels stall to dry.He did seem to equally enjoy playing pig and Big Horse.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now and Then

These are more photo's of Jake 1 his feet being soaked,week one. His first good trim,from Matt and Bob and Jake the day he arrived from Hell.

Jakes New Feet

What the difference in Jake's feet. When we got Jake last November his feet were a mess (see before) , they are starting to really look good now. Jake has received 8 months of hoof supplements from Smart Pack, and he has 3 months of trims with a "new" farrier. Matt Guillemette is trimming the hooves of all our horses and his experience and knowledge is evident when you look at Jake's hooves as well as when you ride and drive the team. Thank you Matt. If you have horses in your barn I recommend you do your home work and find a good farrier, they are worth the investment. A horse is only as strong as its hooves.

Monday, August 10, 2009


a little cooler

Hot Stuff

Nickel is always hot stuff, but even more so today. Today Maine was HHH. This morning before work I weeded the garden and gave everyone fresh water. On my lunch break I came home and ran the sprinkler for the big boys (sorry I did a crappy job with the video,I do not know how to edit it).When I got home every one came in to chill. Tonight I used my garden tub for the first time. The adventures of staying cool in Maine.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well it is finally dry enough to let the big boys out to pasture. You would think they would run out back and not want to return , however that's not the case. The bugs are horrible so the boys are staying close to shelter. Meanwhile back at the farm,we have selected a breeder to get our next Rottweiler from Giant Rotts. The little bundle should arrive on or about September 20Th check out their web sight at

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunny Day

The weather yesterday was wonderful, and today looks sunny and hot. We were up at 4am and all the outside chores are done for the moment. The garden is happy and so far the critters are happy , the challenge will be keeping the waters full. It sure beets snow and rain!