Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Weeks Menu-

Today: Turkey with stuffing, gravy ,sweet potatoes and butter rosemary rolls
Sunday: Beef rib roast, garlic roasted potatoes and green beans
Monday: Burger night 5.99 each at the corner pub
Tuesday: Pizza and salads
Wednesday:Open faced beef rib sandwiches and caramel onion
Thursday: Turkey soup and arsîago grilled cheese

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Butt scratcher

This oversized broom (from a street sweeper) hangs on our double run in. It was hung by Bob for this exact purpose Nickel to scratch on. It was down all winter and returned this week end, I think he's happy to have it back.

Monday, March 26, 2012

30 feels like 18

Very cold , not like spring at all. Pig is outside and about twenty pounds up so staying there. Hope all does well.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Men at work

Working man

Sugar shack

This morning Bob and I had breakfast at the local sugar shack. This is not the name of a local diner, its a real sugar shack that once a year, maple week end serves pancakes in the barn. It was fun to teak a break from chores and see a local maple syrup production and enjoy local syrup.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Potatoes Started

I say started becouse this year we are trying a new meathed, potato buckets. With the buckets you plant the seeds in layers doing a new plant after each layer sprouts. I'll keep you posted on the date we have two buckets red and yellow bliss,each bucket has dirt, 5 potato plants and a cover of straw. I put them out back by the hen house and pig pen so I'll be forced to visit every day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Girl

So I made this wonderful dinner of spinach stuffed pork chops. Then my husband came home and said he would rather ride than eat. I am one happy girl.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday a day of rest


Yesterday was the first of what seems like a spring week end. Now I sit and sip my morning coffee with an ache in my back, looking forward to today. This time of year our to do list is so very long, and we try to cram most of it into the week ends. Yesterday I did some house keeping (half ass) I really just wanted to be out of doors. I did some barn chores,decorated the front door for spring and moved BBQ to his outside pen. In the morning when I opened the chicken coop Mr. Mr. (the rooster) was in attack mode, so I rushed out not locking the gate and by 9am all the hens were in the front yard. At the end of the day they nested in their old coop, so they spent the night there. Today I must retrieve them and move bunny outside.Bob spent most of the morning raking the paddock of winter,then in the afternoon he worked both of the drafts, on at a time. Nickel has a very different workout then Jake. The entire time Jake was off the farm Nickel kicked and took a fit. Nick worked up such a sweat he got to try out his new sheet for the first time, For dinner I tested a new lamb dish,  I am thinking of adding a lamb to the farm this spring and want to be sure we like lamb more than two ways.
Today we are having baked beans and steak on the grill, I also have some baking to do a chocolate cream pie for Bob and an apple crisp for a meeting in the morning.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Weeks Menu

Friday: Mussels Steamed in Wine
Saturday: Lamb Rigatoni
Sunday: BBQ Steak
Monday: Roast Chicken
Tuesday: Cobre Valley Cassarole
Wednesday: Spinach Stuffed Pork Chops
Thursday: Chicken Patties and Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mid March

Well it is about Mid-March and Maine has seen some very strange weather. Yesterday it was sunny bright and clear, we enjoyed temperatures that approached sixty degrees.
 At the farm we have started to rake the stones off the lawn that were left behind while plowing snow, this is a second try as the first was interupted by a foot of snow.
 I have uncovered the spickets and pulled up the driveway markers so I hope we do not see anymore snow. This morning as I hung laundry on the line to drive, rain sprinkled down. I stuck with my plan, although hesitant and the laundry did dry. On adverage a month that see's zero use of the electric dryer saves us a full fitey dollars in energy costs. My goal is to use the clothes line for the next five monthes 90% or more. This means I will have to hang all the wash and use the dryer only to finish up anything that gets rained while out. Today was the official start of seeds with the lettuce boxes being filled. This year I used seed tape in hopes of doing less thining, and waisting. Truth be told little was waisted becouse the thinings were fed to bunny, so I hope the seed tape optemises the new space and makes preety rows. It looks like for pots of herbs servived the winter oregano, rosemary and two chive they have now been moved from the sun room to the back deck. Yesterday I started a book of things to do to be Spring ready this week end I plan to move pig out doors and divide hosta and apply compost over the garden beds and paddock areas to help improve the soil, this will depend on if things dry up enough.Mother Earth recomends a mix 2 to 3 inches into new beds or 1 inch into established beds we have a large established pile.

Monday, March 12, 2012

6:20 and 59

So very much enjoyed the sun to day, spent time in the yard with Lager. Lager is not a fan of anyone driving past the farm.
At days end he just wants to show Daddy his ball and crash on the cool tile.