Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yesterday was the first of what seems like a spring week end. Now I sit and sip my morning coffee with an ache in my back, looking forward to today. This time of year our to do list is so very long, and we try to cram most of it into the week ends. Yesterday I did some house keeping (half ass) I really just wanted to be out of doors. I did some barn chores,decorated the front door for spring and moved BBQ to his outside pen. In the morning when I opened the chicken coop Mr. Mr. (the rooster) was in attack mode, so I rushed out not locking the gate and by 9am all the hens were in the front yard. At the end of the day they nested in their old coop, so they spent the night there. Today I must retrieve them and move bunny outside.Bob spent most of the morning raking the paddock of winter,then in the afternoon he worked both of the drafts, on at a time. Nickel has a very different workout then Jake. The entire time Jake was off the farm Nickel kicked and took a fit. Nick worked up such a sweat he got to try out his new sheet for the first time, For dinner I tested a new lamb dish,  I am thinking of adding a lamb to the farm this spring and want to be sure we like lamb more than two ways.
Today we are having baked beans and steak on the grill, I also have some baking to do a chocolate cream pie for Bob and an apple crisp for a meeting in the morning.

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