Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bloodhound Creek

Three Bloodhounds are residing at Hooves and HOUNDS Farm these days. Elvis is the youngest of the Hounds.Huckleberry is the oldest and Beau Diddly is the middle child. Hounds are very , active very messy creatures.
The storm left the creek water very high and Elvis has decided, it's a good place to go adventuring. Bob does not like it when I release the hounds, granted it is not advised. Bloodhounds are always a flee risk (as in runaway). Bloodhounds are all about sent and if they get on one they will take off. It is not very often I drop a leash, intentionally or otherwise. Elvis was enjoying the creek so much I did drop the leash and let him play a bit , and be a puppy. The water is very cold.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Everyone needs a tractor
check out how this farm did,

We Survived

we survived. Last night we experienced what was the most wicked wind and rain storm of my life to date. The rain came down in buckets 6" set on the ground by morning the wind howled with force, up to 70 miles an hour.The barn/house is very tall and we felt the impact of the wind.We lost power, and I am thankful for the generator. The horses, large and small were in the barn and Bob and I did shifts. We were very lucky here at Hooves and Hounds Farm we did have some trees down, the hoop house relocated and one of the run ins had some roofing damage but over all we were lucky. The power of the run off from the hill drilled a path across the road making Duke Lane impassible. The Maine men got their tractors out and filled the hole.The process looked a bit like a town job complete with The local "Selectman" and all but it got done.My nieghbors 100lb rabbit house with rabbit in it, is in the woods.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Living Local

Today was my CSA pick up at
The share was full and heavy THANK YOU
6-7 lbs. Potatoes
3-5 lbs. "regular" carrots
1 lb. yellow carrots (they're really pretty!)
1 bag of salad (it's back!)
1 bag oats
1 lb. onions
1/2 lb. shallots
1 bag black beans
1 Dozen Eggs

I traded my one dozen eggs for an "extra" 3# carrots

This week I was blessed with eggs. I have 36 eggs in the refrigerator (2 dozen were gifted to me from DM/ a neighbors farm)
I have plans of Quiche for the week end.
On my way to pick up my garden share I was very aware of the surroundings. I was noticing a number of folks have tapped tree's. I was thinking on the way to pick up my share, I would like to try Maple Syrup this year.On the way back I noticed a homeless man in a little school bus stop. I stopped and offed him fresh veggies, but he declined I think I awoke him and set him off. When Bob and I sat down for our very yummy, very local dinner I was humbled. With work slow(stopped) for Bob it is easy to feel bad for ourselves but we have many blessings. The salad greens came from my friend Paul, 2 miles away. I challenge you to look around and be aware of your surroundings tomorrow when you drive to work. For now we are off to dog obedience class.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Good the bad and the ugly

The Good:
The weather, 40 degrees again today. I used the dryer for ten minutes yesterday and 15 today. We hung a load of wash on the deck both Saturday and Sunday and not only did they dry but they smell wonderful.Bob scraped the paint of the window project (more on this later).I made dinner in 30 minutes and it was yummy.We had crab meet sandwiches grilled and home fried potatoes.The hydrants have thawed and no more buckets.The location I like best for Jesse and Joe's wedding , is still available for their date and they are reconsidering Maine for the Fall.I got two eggs from the hens. Emeril Green is on tonight (on Planet Green).Both Bob and Lager are snoring.
The Bad:
The paddocks and driveway are starting to thaw. The mud in the yard and surrounding area is a hassle.The mud room is messy.I have no clothes line only a rack. I dry the sox and undies inside.I had two towels blow into the snow and had to put them into the dryer.The Belgians feathers are full of mud.I had a hectic day at work on guy was off and one called out (but I handled it).I have 30 farm fresh eggs and no freezer space .We had preserved pickles with dinner and they were sealed so tight Bob was cursing.
The Ugly:
Mr.Mister (My rooster) has been mean! He attacks my legs breaking skin and causing blood.Tomorrow I am not going in the pen UN armed, he might need a session. It looks like snow Tuesday and Friday Saturday.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleep soon

It has been an active week end,I know most are around here. I am planning to have my PJ's on by 7pm. Last night our good friends D&C stopped by at 7:30 and we played cards till 11:30 ish. This morning we were up at 4:30 am , I had to go to The Big Box for a meeting. Once you awake the critters they all want to be fed and so the day was underway in a hurry.The pig and chickens seemed to have a good first night,back in the outside pens.We got two eggs today from the hens, not bad for day after the switch. Winter fest at the draft horse club was today. Bob and I did not commit to work the event this year, so we used the time to expose our team to the hustle and bustle. Some of the members had teams sledding, although the snow base was thin. We used our wagon and took our team out,around the club and down the lane. Bob was hesitant at first, new experiences are always a little unsettling. Bob and My Team did awesome, I was very proud. Nick did loose one set of beads,I guess I need practice attaching them,without interfering with tack.I plan to make him more. After our drive we replenished the hay pile, and did some chores before dinner. After dinner I did my first batch of canning with my new pressure cooker. In the past I used the old fashioned water bath method. You need to use pressure canning for meat. This is yet another attempt to save more money and waste less food. The Bloodhounds and Minni's are in the barn,Lager and Bob are sharing the sofa, the minute the Belgians get dinner and night hay it's PJ's for me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

winter sun

Perception is Truth!

Today was the most beautiful day of the winter. OK at least, the way I see it today was the most beautiful day this winter.Of course those who know me understand, I love snow only on December 24Th and 25Th. I do not ski and I do not own a snow Mobil. I like to enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride, but am OK with taking the wagon if there is mo snow.I thought today was a perfect winter day. No snow rain or sleet just big puffy clouds and winter sun. The chickens and pig got moved outside, stalls were cleaned and vacuumed and so were the Belgians. Big Jake has feathers, he had none when he arrived.He was very tolerant of his rhythm beads.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rhythm Beads

I worked on making the boys rhythm beads today, now I can't wait for bath weather.
I do not wash my horses between Halloween and Mothers Day, so they are very dirty.

Zechariah 14:20
In that day shall there be upon the bells of the horses

Native American first used rhythm beads, and adorned their horses with feathers.
Equine rhythm beads are not only thought to be beautiful but therapeutic.
Native American rhythm beads were intended to both attract good spirits to the horse and rider and protect them from evil spirits. Some tribes used feathers and beads to distinguish tribes.
Current day rhythm beads are thought to not only enhance the natural beauty of horses, but act as a valuable training aid used to improve performance and encourage your horse to follow a rhythm.I hope as an older horse the beads will sooth Jake and help keep his demons at bay, while Nick will continue to grow his joyful spirit. Mini and Joey are also getting beads because they to can benefit from comfort and a little bling.
When every one has their beads on I'll do a second post.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dinner and Hens

Dinner took a bit of a turn.I had planned to serve grilled ham steaks with beans,but I served a breakfast of sorts. We had the ham steaks grilled as planned as well as baked beans with onions however when I was grilling I decided to add farm fresh eggs and toast. Bob is not usually a fan of breakfast at dinner but it turned out well,and he ate.We are getting 3 jumbo eggs a day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

garden clutter

Garden clutter, is that an oxymoron?
We have piles growing here at our farm. The piles consist of"junk"to be recycled. Egg cartons ,juice cartons and more.Today I looked over my shoulder in the lunch room at work as I took 2 big cardboard soup tubs out of the trash and washed them and placed them in my lunch tote.The thought behind the hording, seed starting.I plan to start the seeds in the hoop house soon and all this trash will serve as vessel's to host my soil and seeds.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Lager is resting up from his week end of fun with Bobby and Keri.Tomorrow is obediance class, and maybe some snow.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter sliegh ride

Today we took Lager with Bobby and Kery to visit the Farmers Draft Club. We went for horse-drawn sleighs through fields and woods. This was a charitable benefit Proceeds benefit the Pine Tree Society, the ride cost $4.00 each and was a bargain. Hot homemade donuts,and .50cent cups of cocoa were on the menu. A good family time! Hosted by the Pejepscot Sno-Chiefs SC and Farmers Draft Horse Club.Even without lots of snow this was an awesome event. It was fun to see such a large group of drafts, and their people working together for a good cause.It was nice to see a Draft Club working with a local club together to benefit children.