Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week end

Movie night postponed. Yes yesterday was Friday, and Friday is movie night unless it is Saturday. We were so tired last night , we postponed movie night till tonight, this afternoon. It was a cold long week filled with stress and much to do, so Friday night was early to bed night not movie night. Lager did get his weekly new toy, and a bath then we hit the sack. This morning it was up at 4:15 chores and a trip to Massachusetts. We went to Plymouth Ma. to visit my Mom to bring her,her Christmas gifts ( Yes I know it is February).This is my Moms cat.It was wonderful to see my Mom it has been about 6 month's. It was cold and snowing in Ma. Now that we are back home we are having a rest and watching our weekly movie. We are watching FoodINC. It is 15 min. in and I am already reminded of why I want to Buy Local , and thinking how much better we could do. More on the movie later, I am going to go watch.

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