Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rhythm Beads

I worked on making the boys rhythm beads today, now I can't wait for bath weather.
I do not wash my horses between Halloween and Mothers Day, so they are very dirty.

Zechariah 14:20
In that day shall there be upon the bells of the horses

Native American first used rhythm beads, and adorned their horses with feathers.
Equine rhythm beads are not only thought to be beautiful but therapeutic.
Native American rhythm beads were intended to both attract good spirits to the horse and rider and protect them from evil spirits. Some tribes used feathers and beads to distinguish tribes.
Current day rhythm beads are thought to not only enhance the natural beauty of horses, but act as a valuable training aid used to improve performance and encourage your horse to follow a rhythm.I hope as an older horse the beads will sooth Jake and help keep his demons at bay, while Nick will continue to grow his joyful spirit. Mini and Joey are also getting beads because they to can benefit from comfort and a little bling.
When every one has their beads on I'll do a second post.

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Jessica said...

Nice Job! They look great :) Can't wait to see more pics