Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Week Menu

Sunday: Easter Brunch
Ham from our Farm, Baked Beans Eggs in a Nest Fruit

Monday: Turkey and Egg Noodles
Turkey left overs from Sat. Dinner Egg noodles 1.99
Tuesday: Pork Chops and onions with Gravy
Wednesday: Skillet Ziti with Sausage
Thursday: Spanish Tortilla

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter.
We awake this morning to a chilling Twenty Two Degrees outside.
Yesterday was a beutiful spring day!
The men adjusted our new team harnesses.

Then we were off for a wagon ride.

Down the road with friends.

Tom has a new bit, as we try to take the "pull out" of him.

He responded well!

Then back to the barn.
 I am still hopeful Tom will be a good "team mate" for Nickel

They sure act like best palls in the paddock.

Speaking of "best palls" how adorable is Dick's Granddaughter riding Nickel.

For a double slice of cute ,we then enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rethinking The Menu

So I have decided it is time to rethink how I write the menu.

 As a rule I write the menu on Thursday and shop on Friday. In the past the menu was structured 100% around what I feel like cooking , eating and serving. This is becoming a problem because, I'm a foodie with no idea how to cook for two. This week I am going to look at smaller more cost effective recipes.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


So these are my re purposed windows. Bob took these out of a bath room demolish, knowing I was on the hunt for some stained glass. These windows are beautiful old architectural pieces, that will serve dual purpose adding character and help block Frank.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pictures From Sunday

Menu Plan and Fun ( and helpful) Links

Well folks we are two days onto spring and covered in 16 '" of fresh snow. Last nights "grilled" pizza's got oven baked.
Falling further and further behind on yard chores, by the moment.
I did just complete writing my Menu plan using template found here

Friday: Anti pasta platter

Saturday: Seafood Casserole

Sunday : Pot Roast with Biscuit Topping

Monday: Loaded Nachos

Tuesday: Chicken Scampi

Wednesday:  Meat Loaf

Thursday: Steak Tips on Top of Cesar Salad

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Day Of Spring

This week ends Maple Sunday event had a great turn out, but we froze.
Giving wagon rides the passangers snuggled under quilts.
I will try to get ahold of Bob's computer to post photo's tonight (mine still wont down load pictures).

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and we are 8hours into a snow storm.
Makes me wonder how the Farmers Almanac is sooooo much better at predictions than the local weather man.
This is the predictions posted by The Farmers Almanac (in February)

March 2013

16th-19th. Unsettled, gusty winds, with mixed rain and wet snow.

20th-23rd. A major coastal storm with strong winds and heavy precipitation.

24th-27th. Showers from Virginia and Maryland to New England, then fair.

28th-31st. Another coastal storm! More wind, rain and snow, just in time for Easter.

In protest I am going forward with thoughts of spring

Gardening by the Moon Calendar from the Farmers' Almanac

The Farmers Almanac Gardening by the Moon Calendar is determined by our age-old formula and applies generally to regions where the climate is favorable.

March 2013

18th-19th Seeds Planted Now Tend To Rot In The Ground.

20th-22nd Best Planting Days For Above ground Crops, Especially Peas, Beans, Cucumbers And Squash Where Climate Is Suitable. Plant Seedbeds And Flower Gardens.

23rd-26th A Most Barren Period, Best For Killing Plant Pests Or Doing Chores Around The Farm.

27th-28th Favorable Days For Planting Root Crops, Fine For Sowing Hay, Fodder Crops, And Grains. Plant Flowers.

29th-30th Excellent Time For Planting Root Crops That Can Be Planted Now And For Starting Seedbeds. Good Days For Transplanting.

31st Poor Planting Day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Week On The Menu

Friday : Fried Fish and Chips

Saturday: Wedge Salad with Bacon and Grilled Tips

Sunday: Chili Crock Pot and Corn Bread

Monday: Sausages Peppers and Onions Crock Pot

Tuesday: Honey Mustard Chicken Dippers

Wednesday: Home Made Pizza's on the Grill

Thursday: Veggie and Beef rice Bowls

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Maple Sunday Breakfast

Come out to the cozy, heated club house.

Have a  nice breakfast.
Take a wagon ride through the woods.

This Sunday March 17th is Abenaki Draft Horse Clubs Maple Sunday Breakfast, at the club house.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


The men with the boys...
Nickel on the leftThomas on the right.

Down the lane the go.

And back to the farm. 

Into the barn

Friday Afternoon

Bob working with Thomas, on Friday afternoon.

Couple times around the club house.

With our home made drag sled.

This is a  heavy sled 
Tom makes it look light

Up and down the road he traveld.

Friday, March 8, 2013

This Week on the Menu

Friday: Fried Fish Sandwiches Bulky Roll Sweet Potato Fries
Saturday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Lunch Dinner with Friends
Sunday: Two Chickens Baked Root Veggies
Monday: Beef Taco Salad Spanish Rice
Lunch Home Made Chicken Salad
Tuesday:Chicken Pot Pies
Lunch Tuna Salads
Wednesday: Patty Melts on Pita Caramelized Onion with Cukes and Greek
PBJ Lunch
Thursday:Chicken Cesar's
Pasta salad and veggie lunch

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I am planning to transform the old chicken coop into a little piece of "yard art". I am turning to pintrest for inspiration.
This little shed is almost the same size as mine. Check out the moss covered roof, I'm thinking grape vine.
Love the little window box, my sheds window is on the back side but perhaps a fake window will do.

I can picture it with a little solar lantern... so many ideas