Monday, May 31, 2010

First Plow as a Team

Yesterday Bob plowed with the team at the Abenaki Club.I was very proud to watch our team plow together. I am sure this was not Jake's first plow,he was very sure footed and strong.Nick is a quick learner, and although he was a bit lazy, he also did a good job.This very fancy plow, is the prized possession of our friend Dick. It was awesome to learn to plow from two of the club elders Dick and Sonny.

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to those who have served our Nation, on this Memorial Day

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Southwestern Beef Salad

In an attempt to ease my quilt we followed the fried cheese with salad. Only problem is the salad was not quilt free,either. I made a traditional house salad, topped with crushed nacho chips,grated cheddar cheese, black olives and a grilled steak,cilantro. I used the same spices on the cheese sticks and steak to tie them together.

step 2 fried cheese

peel string cheese
cut in half
coat with egg wash, flour,bread crumbs and then repeat and spice.
salt pepper paprika and parsley.
CHILL in freezer 30 min. deep fry in oil ( I used veggie oil,and a cast iron pan)
drain on paper towel serve with dipping sauce.

Fried Cheese

OK I have Officially fulfilled my Restaurant food craving!WARNING this is not a fresh,local or healthy post. This was all about indulgence.Tonight we feasted on fried cheese sticks and southwestern beef salad.
First the cheese sticks
If you know how to fry fish, you know how to fry cheese.
You need packaged string cheese, flour, eggs and milk,bread crumbs and spices as well as cooking oil and a dipping sauce such as marinara.We used our own canned tomatoes for dipping.

Easy Pasta Salad w Chicken

When the weather is as perfect as it has been this week, just want to be outside.Being out side in the fresh air ,working on the farm makes you hungry!This pasta salad is a good semi homemade solution. With some help from a store bought rotisserie chicken, I can be in and out of the kitchen with the salad chilling in little time.The chicken was purchased last night, for 6.99 it's certified all Natural.You boil the pasta along with diced veggies,(any veggies you have, I used carrots and peas) and pick the chicken. Reserve the boiled pasta water when strained while also saving the chicken bones and skins.Mix the drained, rinsed pasta with a cup of good Mayo, a package of ranch (powdered) salad dressing top with salt pepper and fresh herbs. Chill
Return the pasta water to the pot add the bones and skins of the chicken and the veggie scraps(carrot peels). Boil for chicken stock for use later in the week.

Friday, May 28, 2010

What's on your calender for this week end? We have a very full calender. Most of the schedule surrounds what we love,our farm and food. We kicked of the week end tonight with New England Fresh steamed clam's.Tomorrow we plan to get chores out of the way early so that we can enjoy the critters.The house is covered with pollen and dog hair. I hope to finally get the Big Boys baths done on Saturday and the hounds on Sunday.I plan to make a simple chicken and pasta salad for lunch and a grilled South Western Steak and Salad for dinner.I hope to get more veggies planted and we must water,and water.Because we are going to pass on restaurants,but I must satisfy the urge I am also going to attempt fried cheese sticks for the first time (more on that later).Sunday morning the Draft Horse Club is having a breakfast and plow. Bob is going to try and plow, with our team of Belgians. I am going to make baked beans with pork, to contribute to the breakfast. We will grill Saturday and Sunday, evening.What ever you have planned I hope it includes loved ones.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Define spoiled

I'm not convinced they are spoiled.I have heard it said,but what point is spoiled? Yes they were served breakfast before sunrise.Yes they had a buffet of hay, to nibble all day.Yes they were shelterd from the sun, in a custom built double run in.Yes they received their afternoon spritz,before going in to stalls for room service, snack of bananas and hay in front of the fans. Yes they are awaiting dinner, to be followed by ,more hay. But wait I thought all Belgians had this life. Well if you know of any who don't send them over because they rule my world!Plus it was 94* and they are Big Boned!
more after I finish watering

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

shh Do not tell him

Yesterday I bought two new sprinklers and today I bought two new hoses. The project this week is the lawn.Problem is I don't think Nick got the memo. As usual he thinks the project is Nick.I did not tell him, the sprinklers and hoses are not his. Nick has always liked sprinklers,and hoses. One problem, add water and you have SUPER HORSE. Nick gets very spirited when wet. It's almost like spring fever, in 90* heat. Jake said "send kryptonight"!

Just for fun

Just a quick peek,for fun. I have more photo's from today, and some thoughts. Before I spend time on a "real post" I have to go tuck in my chickens and feed hay, first some fun photo's.
PS This is my Bud helping move hoses,till he finds shade.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plowing 101

Today Bob and I took Lager and went to watch some friends plow, with their Belgians.It was very enjoyable to see the men, work their teams.Plowing with horse power is a lost art!The weather was Perfect. The two teams plan to plow for two days.Bob was able to take a try at plowing with one of the teams,Team Fortin.Bob has done lots of driving with our team, put this was his first chance to plow with Belgians.Lager was very well behaved,he liked the big open fields and was well behaved with the children. I can picture Bob plowing with our team.There is always more to learn.