Saturday, May 29, 2010

Easy Pasta Salad w Chicken

When the weather is as perfect as it has been this week, just want to be outside.Being out side in the fresh air ,working on the farm makes you hungry!This pasta salad is a good semi homemade solution. With some help from a store bought rotisserie chicken, I can be in and out of the kitchen with the salad chilling in little time.The chicken was purchased last night, for 6.99 it's certified all Natural.You boil the pasta along with diced veggies,(any veggies you have, I used carrots and peas) and pick the chicken. Reserve the boiled pasta water when strained while also saving the chicken bones and skins.Mix the drained, rinsed pasta with a cup of good Mayo, a package of ranch (powdered) salad dressing top with salt pepper and fresh herbs. Chill
Return the pasta water to the pot add the bones and skins of the chicken and the veggie scraps(carrot peels). Boil for chicken stock for use later in the week.

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Rocco the BT said...

hahahaha great minds think alike, I also mixed up a batch of this pasta salad today with a rotisserie chicken from Hannafords