Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Ending

Today was a challenge, that being said what a beautiful day!In the end I listened to the voices in my head, and they were right! (funny thing about getting old) There is always more chores and more bills, but some times you just have to stop and smell the coffee. (or take a wine walk). I just returned from a "wine walk" and all is good .What is a "wine walk",dah it's when you grab your best puppy and a glass of wine and take a walk.You don't read the mail or answer the phone , you just walk.When you stop, it is to play catch with the dog.While I was walking I noticed a number of things,the trees are green as is the grass, the sky is blue, the wind is blowing,the bugs are tolerable. My Belgians are out in the pasture, my hens are happy the hounds are all safe and accounted for(even the old one).The Blue Ball is no longer too heavy for Lager. Wild flowers are blooming and seedlings are sprouting I am a Lucky girl.Plus a glass of wine is less then a psychologist and you can't put a price on a great team of Belgians and a good dog!I LOVE my farm!!

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