Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Things, small packages

At the beginning of the year I tried to take part in a "NO Package challenge".The challenge was thirty days of cooking and eating without opening any packages.I failed this challenge, and at the time I felt bad.I have had a change of heart. I have decided, for this family all packages are not equal.My goals are to live a frugal and sustainable life, one with much gratitude and little waste.I have realised at this point in our life some packages work for us.We have limited time, and a short growing season.I am more careful about what is in the packages I select,living without packages,is not at this time one of my goals.I have become a huge fan of King Arthur's Baking Products,in Vermont. I like to bake and feed my family well.Making Baked goods 100% from scratch is not an option at this time. Today I made Cinnamon Buns from KAF. The box comes with the fresh dry goods pre measured and you add, organic milk , fresh eggs butter.etc Even with the help of the packaging,this takes hours with rising times and rolling the dough. In the end you have fresh yummy Buns and a nice smell in the kitchen.

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