Monday, May 3, 2010

feeling the pride

I am still feeling the pride of watching Nickel and Jake work the manure spreader with Bob yesterday.
Their size and strength coupled with their gentle nature make my draft horse team a sight to see.
I think allot of the pride comes from the circumstances surrounding this team, that has only been together a short time.
First off I had no intentions of owning a Belgian,never less two. I thought I wanted a saddle horse. Then Bob said "if I am going to buy you a horse,make sure it's not a wimpy one". Through a number of discussions he made it clear he wanted me to select a sizable creature.I started to look at drafts including Gypsy's and Clydesdale's and Belgians. When I learned of their versatility, being able to ride and drive ( if trained,)I thought a Draft might be a good fit. When I went to see Nickel, and ultimately purchase him he was 14 months old. Notice the picture of Nickel and Bob in the first few days of ownership,Bob is outside the stall door. After owning Nickel a couple years, visiting farms and fairs we decided it would be nice for both us and Nickel if we had a team mate for him. When Jake arrived and was so run down and dehydrated, I did not know if he would ever be healthy enough to Team him with Nickel. After much love , nurturing and training they are truly becoming a nice team. Seeing them work with Bob yesterday did my heart good. If you would like to read more of Jakes story and see more photo's visit Old posts.

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