Thursday, August 30, 2012

So I Did It

After months of resisting I gave in and purchased The Keurig Vue. Our coffee maker died and for weeks we went without having coffee at home. I kept looking at coffee makers, but was boycotting the expense of the new machines. Then a couple weeks ago I did it, I bought a new machine and I am hooked.I just received my new supply of Vue cups  and I brewed a fresh cup of iced coffee.This thing does everything!So glad I took the plunge.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Equinox party

When we woke this morning there was a chill in the air, Fall is on it's way.

In celebration of Fall's arrival I am planning a Fall Equinox Party to be held on the first day of fall.

Fall for 2012 begins in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT.

It is the summer's great last heat,

It is the fall's first chill: They meet.

–Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

The party will be held in and around the barn and I have already sent out the invites to a bunch of horse loving friends ( to guarantee good conversation).
I still have to decide on the main course, I am thinking fish, but am open to idea's.
This is what I have so far:
On The Menu
Roasted Pears and Blue Cheese
Open-Faced Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Sandwich

Ribollita ( a HUGE soup)
?? Some type of Fish and Herb Butter

Apple Crisp

Now I am thinking decorations I found some great insperation at The Pottery Barn

I have a wonderful new scare crow I am trying hard not to set up too early.
My home grown pumpkins have started to fall of the vine, and some have been placed by the front door in all I think we will have 20.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do you fly a flag?

One of my very favorite possessions is my flag pole. I purchased my flag pole as a memorial of my Dad . My Dad had a flag pole in our yard and I have wonderful memories of watching him raise and lower the flag.
Like the lyrics in the song I "fly two flags above my land"

One is the colors that fly high and proud

The red, the white, the blue

“The other ones got a rattlesnake with a simple statement made

"Don't tread on me" is what it says and I'll take that to my grave

Because, this is me

I'm proud to be American and strong in my beliefs

Former Staind lead singer Aaron Lewis – Country boy,32068,30046853001_1911694,00.html

Sunday, August 26, 2012

On The Menu

Good Morning and happy Sunday. I just checked and it looks as though we are in for a beautiful day in Maine.
I am looking to spend most of it inside! I want to cook and clean, I need to cook and clean.
Yesterday I started a meat sauce I plan to transform into lasagna today. Additionally I plan to make a carrot cake and coffee cake muffins.
This Weeks Menu
Sunday: Lasagna
Monday: Cheese Burgers
Tuesday: Pork Loin
Wednesday : Salmon in parchment
Thursday: Stir fry beef
Blessings on your meal

Friday, August 24, 2012

So Pleased

Purchased this blanket on line @ My Draft Horse Super Store love it. This will be Charms winter cover, it is very nice.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Big" Plans

We have a couple of things planned for this week end, need to get some mums planted, have extended a dinner invite to some of Bobs co workers and there is always barn chores.However the "Big" plan for this week end is to attend Acton Fair. I so love fair season, the laundry and list of chores will have to wait. Acton is a small agricultural fair, that offers a cow barn and a horse pulling arena my two must haves in a fair. I will get up early complete barn chores pack a cooler with cold beverages and be in the bleachers awaiting the pulls.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Charm Boys

This is my Charm-boy working under saddle with Daddy

On The Menu

On Friday I did my weekly grocery shopping, menu in hand. On the way home I stopped at a barn sale and purchased this sign for $15.00. Today I am rewriting the menu, sometimes that happens.  You see today we had roasted garden veggies and grilled mango chicken,as planned. What was not planned is I have a huge piece of chicken left over, a one pound breast. I can not stand to risk this going to waist. Tomorrow we will not be having "Monday" night burgers. Tomorrow I will serve two grilled pizza's one of mango chicken and a second with garden tomatoes and basil.The garden is over flowing. Blessings From The Farm


It is very early Sunday morning, yet this is a very over due post. We are so very behind on every thing around the farm mainly due to the crazy rains. The grass is green and thick and in need of a good mow, maybe later today when the morning dew dries. Yesterday Bob worked both Nickel and Charm on the long lines and improvement was evident with both. Nickel is healed up from his blow out and settling into his new shoes. Charm boy is making stronger turns and learning driving lingo, Gee and Haw.Today we are not expecting rain so grilling is on the schedule.


Nickel and Charm checking out Christmas our baby girl cow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Parts are parts

Well I have booked a date to send pig to market, Sunday October 28th. Now I am looking closely into the cuts of pork and the best ways to use the meat. I am thrilled to be going into winter with a new freezer that will hold a full pig. BBQ has been an easy keeper, I plan to get another piglet in the end of winter. Experience has taught me that keeping a pig outside in Maine through winter is tough on the pig and the farmer.
  Last time I sent a pig to market, I found the "cut sheets" a little confusing this time I will be better prepared.
A pig isn’t all bacon and pork chops so there is some balance that must be made and some choices must be made.
I want to waste as little of this animal as possible.
 Growing up we raised pigs for food and even canned the lard, looking into this as well.
From the hanging weight of 180 lbs you will get about 120 lbs of standard commercial cuts or a 67% yield off of hanging weight. The “loss” is "stuff" like the head, feet (trotters), tongue, heart, liver, kidney, tail, bones, etc. Almost all of that is edible if you know how to cook it and you are adventurous.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Simple Day Book

Outside my window… Sun! Finally, sun! Yesterday it poured!Today I’m enjoying that sunshine. The windows are open, the chicks were let out of the coop, and The Bigs are basking around happily. I’m sitting in the kitchen while I blog, looking out my window,I have had the same wash on the line three days, it keeps getting wetter. This yard is GREEN.

I am thankful… for a good night’s sleep last night. It’s been a while. I can rest now that Nickel is feeling better. Matt did an awesome job on his shoes.

In the kitchen… I am making Pork Medallions tonight, and a couple salads this week. I’m happy with warm-weather food.

I am wearing… My burlap bibs, but only need a tank under. With all the mud the Bibs are a must , pigs a jumper.

I am creating… the very first pepper vinegars this week

I am going… to a bridal shower Saturday
I am wondering… If September is too early to have a "fall gathering"

I am reading… Crockett's Victory Garden , I purchased at a yard sale $1.00 makes me miss my Mom wish she lived closer.

I am hoping…I can find a good horse person to help with charms training and some barn chores, summer came and went without finding an intern

I am looking forward to…Fall , decorating and harvesting the Pig

Around the house… dog hair every where & love my new coffee maker

In the garden... tons of peppers, some cukes and tomatoes very excited about the pumpkins

The Mr. is… doing a great job keeping his commitment to train Charm after work nights , but his day is long and with all the rain the lawn needs a cutting.