Sunday, May 24, 2009

At last

We haves a been trying for weeks to get the Big Boy's trimmed, today we finally got them done. We are trying a new trimmer, because consistency and dependability is important to us. Matt did a nice job , and was very patient. Nickel was not as well behaved as he usually is, I suspect he was testing "the new guy". Jake was a good boy. Nickels feet look awesome all trimmed up Jake's are a world away from where they were when we got him. Tomorrow we hope to take them on the road for a drive , when I get home from work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Thoughts

As I walk around and do chores I can see more signs of spring. The big boys are seeking shade , the birds are nesting , buds are blooming . Lance can here the peepers out the window.

Best Friend

Part of the morning routine is to pick up Lancers pillow and air it out over the deck (if it's not raining). When I get home I bring his pillow in before I bring him in.His pillow goes bed side. If I forget he digs at the rug, in the spot his pillow belongs. Today I put some new toys on his pillow. I think he was happy with his gift.Some times he act's like a healthy pup,those are the times I like best. I hate that he is full of cancer,but Bob and I have committed to make sure his time left is full of fun and not cancer treatments and strange places.I think this is a happy place for my best friend.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Nights have still been chilly, but the days the past week have been sunny and warm. I've been able to get out in the yard, cleaning up some of the landscaping , I 'm a bit unsure about some of the blossoms. I am weeding and wondering.I did not plant every thing so I'm not sure what is what. The little white flowers pictured here ae wild flowers in the back paddock.To me, gardening is a complex art, and I am just learning the art. I had been moving the plant starts out every morning and in at night, but I think it is almost safe to leave them out, on the porch. The big boys are staying out over night. Today they were laying side by side on the ground enjoying the suns heat. It feels good to see them side by side, they give eachother something only one horse an give another.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Every thing you need to know

you can learn from your Belgian.

Take a nap

Have a buddy

Eat five meals a day

The learning is an on going process , and I already think my two Belgians and one mini are smarter then most people.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pick Me

At the end of the day I walk the dogs, close the chicken house and bring Mini in for the night. As soon as I start with the dog walking Mini get's excited to come in. The big boys stay out untill dark. Here is a short movie of Mini's dance.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Yesterday Bob and I did our usual, worked all day. We were in bed by 8pm. When Bobby and Keri arrived at 10pm I thought I was dreaming. Bobby and Keri visited today for Mothers Day.We had a very lazy day. With Bobby and Keri's help we got our chores done early and we stocked 50 bales of hay, but aside from that we mostly visited and ate. Bobby and Keri bought me 2 awesome books on canning and preserving the perfect tools to help me reach my goal of fashionably frugal with full bellies on our farm.

Time for a trim

Nickel is due for a couple of inches of his tail. It has grown to the point it might get caught while driving. I hate to take any off, I'll trim just what I need to keep him safe.


I like to see how far I can stretch a product or ingredient, see how many meals you can get with out waist. On Friday night Bob and I had lobsters and muscles. I saved all of the shells to make a lobster stock. Saturday brought clear skys and outside chores, not exactly soup weather. So what to do with the seafood stock?I could have put it in the freezer, if the freezer was not packed. I decided to saute leaks and add the stock , and boil red potatoes, skin on and make lobster and leak mashed potatoes. They were Yummy and a perfect side with our baked pork chops and apple sauce. We have opened our final jar of home made apple sauce from 2008 harvest. Lancer was happy to help me clean the bowls.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twenty Four Years Ago

Can you recall what you were doing 24 years ago today 5-5-85 ? I sure can it was my wedding day. I woke up and it was raining, like today, it cleared in time for the wedding. My Dad and I road in a limo to the church . He instructed the limo driver to drive through town first , so I would be fashionably late. When we finally arrived at the church my Dad was broken out in hives.

Monday, May 4, 2009


road trip photo's

Farms and Barns

Today was blessed with things I love. My friend and neighbor Dave started his new barn. The barn will sit at the start of Duke Lane and be home to sheep, chickens, pigs and I hope cows. The barn will get Dave out of the cold in the winter and make for a nice birthing place for his ever growing heard of sheep.Work took me to Broadturn Farm located 10 miles from Portland, Maine . The farmers raise organic vegetables, flowers, pick your own strawberries, a small amount of poultry, and turkey, as well as natural lamb and pork.The property is in agricultural conservation, the land is one of the largest farm properties in the Greater Portland area. It has 100 acres of open land and about 330 wooded acres. The farmers were very nice, and I brought home fresh organic eggs and raw milk. The milk is not something they sell, as it is illegal in about 48 states. When I grow up I want to work on a farm like that. One of the owners told me it took 7 years to get to the point she could work only on the farm, I have hope. I traveled past water that made me think of Bobby , canues were for rent road side.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

All about the horses

Week ends are very short. Today we did barn chores,then we went to Andy's for grain and Low es for construction supplies. Bob worked on the run in. I took Mini over the club for some exercise. I also visited Wild Root Farm (where I bought my garden share)to watch them plow. A half dozen club members helped plow. When Bob was done working , we drove the Team. Tomorrow I am going to help Dave M. capture our pigs and transfer to market. No not Mini, the freezer pig.