Monday, May 4, 2009

Farms and Barns

Today was blessed with things I love. My friend and neighbor Dave started his new barn. The barn will sit at the start of Duke Lane and be home to sheep, chickens, pigs and I hope cows. The barn will get Dave out of the cold in the winter and make for a nice birthing place for his ever growing heard of sheep.Work took me to Broadturn Farm located 10 miles from Portland, Maine . The farmers raise organic vegetables, flowers, pick your own strawberries, a small amount of poultry, and turkey, as well as natural lamb and pork.The property is in agricultural conservation, the land is one of the largest farm properties in the Greater Portland area. It has 100 acres of open land and about 330 wooded acres. The farmers were very nice, and I brought home fresh organic eggs and raw milk. The milk is not something they sell, as it is illegal in about 48 states. When I grow up I want to work on a farm like that. One of the owners told me it took 7 years to get to the point she could work only on the farm, I have hope. I traveled past water that made me think of Bobby , canues were for rent road side.

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