Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Parts are parts

Well I have booked a date to send pig to market, Sunday October 28th. Now I am looking closely into the cuts of pork and the best ways to use the meat. I am thrilled to be going into winter with a new freezer that will hold a full pig. BBQ has been an easy keeper, I plan to get another piglet in the end of winter. Experience has taught me that keeping a pig outside in Maine through winter is tough on the pig and the farmer.
  Last time I sent a pig to market, I found the "cut sheets" a little confusing this time I will be better prepared.
A pig isn’t all bacon and pork chops so there is some balance that must be made and some choices must be made.
I want to waste as little of this animal as possible.
 Growing up we raised pigs for food and even canned the lard, looking into this as well.
From the hanging weight of 180 lbs you will get about 120 lbs of standard commercial cuts or a 67% yield off of hanging weight. The “loss” is "stuff" like the head, feet (trotters), tongue, heart, liver, kidney, tail, bones, etc. Almost all of that is edible if you know how to cook it and you are adventurous.

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