Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another First

Today was Lagers first Farmers Market.Like with babys,Puppys have lots of first.Of course with puppys you don't have to carry a diper bag and stop for changes. That being said I do not have any real good photo's, becouse I had a leash,a bag of bags,a camera and a 111.5lb Rottie puppy along for the trip. We did have a nice stroll, the market this time of year is mostly plants and artists.Lager was his usual charming self, a diplomate for the breed. Another milestone, today is our 25th wedding anniversary.I was going to post a copy of our engagement photo, but that just seemed silly.Bad enough it hangs in our hall, 80's hair and all.I would say in all honesty we are happier now then when we wed. The only two things I can think of we liked more in 1985 was the President in office and the condo building boom. What does not break you makes you stronger.

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