Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Living Local

Today was my CSA pick up at www.wolfpinefarm.com
The share was full and heavy THANK YOU
6-7 lbs. Potatoes
3-5 lbs. "regular" carrots
1 lb. yellow carrots (they're really pretty!)
1 bag of salad (it's back!)
1 bag oats
1 lb. onions
1/2 lb. shallots
1 bag black beans
1 Dozen Eggs

I traded my one dozen eggs for an "extra" 3# carrots

This week I was blessed with eggs. I have 36 eggs in the refrigerator (2 dozen were gifted to me from DM/ a neighbors farm)
I have plans of Quiche for the week end.
On my way to pick up my garden share I was very aware of the surroundings. I was noticing a number of folks have tapped tree's. I was thinking on the way to pick up my share, I would like to try Maple Syrup this year.On the way back I noticed a homeless man in a little school bus stop. I stopped and offed him fresh veggies, but he declined I think I awoke him and set him off. When Bob and I sat down for our very yummy, very local dinner I was humbled. With work slow(stopped) for Bob it is easy to feel bad for ourselves but we have many blessings. The salad greens came from my friend Paul, 2 miles away. I challenge you to look around and be aware of your surroundings tomorrow when you drive to work. For now we are off to dog obedience class.

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