Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2nd

4 Holidays in one
Most people in the US are aware that today is Groundhog Day.The Groundhog being the British counterpart of the hedge hog, known to predict the next six weeks of weather.
It is also Candlemas : The feast of Purification. That was the day on which the years supply of candles for the church was blessed. Christians were observing as early as the 4th century AD. Candlemas commemorates the ritual purification of Mary 40 days after birth of her son.
St.Brighid's Day: In Ireland the feast day of Brighde of candles. Brighde is a Celtic goddess of fire,the hearth, fields, poetry and childbirth.
Lastly today is Imbolc ,or Imblog means the belly (the womb)Mother Earth, life stirring new. This is the holiday I have just learned of but I find interesting. It is said to be a time when you should check your pantry to see if you have 1/2 of your goods remaining as well as half your fire wood and half your hay.This is important because today marks the day winter is 1/2 half over mathematically and scientifically speaking. Some believe Wolves and Bears peak from their winter dens to smell spring. Some farmers believe you should move your cows from the fields you plan on harvesting the following season.It is when ewes begin to produce milk in preparation for the birth of lambs. Today Lager is 6 months old , we have 100 bales of hay left and 55 jars of canned goods.

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