Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bloodhound Creek

Three Bloodhounds are residing at Hooves and HOUNDS Farm these days. Elvis is the youngest of the Hounds.Huckleberry is the oldest and Beau Diddly is the middle child. Hounds are very , active very messy creatures.
The storm left the creek water very high and Elvis has decided, it's a good place to go adventuring. Bob does not like it when I release the hounds, granted it is not advised. Bloodhounds are always a flee risk (as in runaway). Bloodhounds are all about sent and if they get on one they will take off. It is not very often I drop a leash, intentionally or otherwise. Elvis was enjoying the creek so much I did drop the leash and let him play a bit , and be a puppy. The water is very cold.

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