Wednesday, September 16, 2009


my new camera is awesome, I wish it came equipped with extra time, I would of taken picture of dinner.

A day on the farm
Bob worked in Ma. we woke at4, he left at 5. He feeds the drafts and kitty before he leaves for work.
I walk the dogs get them fresh water, and kibble.
Shovel, the paddock, move the drafts to pasture,put out the Minni's.
Clean the mini stall, feed pig and open chicken house
I did chores till 6 washed ,changed and made a smoothie.
Drove to work,drank smoothie read a sign that said "Lobsters 3.49lb".
Worked 4 hrs.
Drove home ,heated lunch, fed the boys .
Drove back to work , ate lunch in route.
Went to staff. Worked 4 more.
Went to Shaw's, bought cheese and dish liquid.
Drove home stopped and bought Lobster(4 @18) picked up the mail.
Opened house ,boiled water,walked dogs cooked lobster, walked Minis,cleaned paddocks shucked Lobsters, cleaned dog kennels,brought Big Boys in from out back.
Moved horses.washed clothes, Made scampi. Locked up chickens, fed horses,took bath... and so on. I love my farm.

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