Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Bibs

Priorities change as you grow up, and your opinions change, too. Products  I would of once walked by, I now covet -- like insulated overalls! Today I purchased myself a set of insulated overalls, they were long over due. I own a set of overalls from Rods, with a floral trim and a matching jacket. These however are the real deal, no frill.Living in Maine (or any place in New England) doing farm chores requires the right tool for the job.
I already put them to very good use.
Up early and daily chores done, Bob Lager, and I took a road trip to Tractor Supply.
Once at TS we had a long list of must haves Bird Seed, Pig and Chicken feed, Bunny pellet, horse grain, shavings...on and on. I had in mind if "bibs" were on winter clearance I was buying some. Well as it turned out they were NOT on clearance, however they were 15% off. either way, they were coming home with me.
This afternoon Bob and I went trail riding through the woods, I wore my new "bibs" and I am glad I bought them.
To spite the temperatures, the ride was wonderful. We rode our Belgians through the woods in 18" snow, the trails were beautiful and so were the horses.

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