Tuesday, January 4, 2011

breathe a sigh of relief

My home is almost back to "normal".
I still have boxes to fill and then carry into the attic , but most of the holiday decorations are down and sorted into piles in the guest room.
My plan was to put the Christmas decorations up, and bring down the Valentine "stuff" but I have decided against that.
I have been feeling very cluttered and out of my routine and that causes stress for me.
I am not sure when it happened if I chose a simpler life or if it chose me.
It was wonderful to see family and friends over the holidays, but I love my farm life.
My younger brother had a beautiful wedding on New Years Eve, and I took home a fancy centerpiece of roses. At the wedding the roses and their vase looked wonderful , in my home they looked completley out of place, kinda like me in crouds.
I have revamped the arrangement , removing the vase and saving it for a fancier date and time.
The focus this week is to get back into a routine, back to the insanity that is my normal.
Last night I cleared the kitchen counter and polished the sink, and when it was done and I stepped back it made me instantly feel better.Tonight I gave the carpet in the master bedroom a deep cleaning. I am giving some thought to what to put on this weeks menu, the theme will be "hearty foods".
The temperatures over the week end were unseasonably worm , and now we are in a freeze.
It is my hope to have things in ship shape by the week end, time to purge the piles of holiday catalogues and recipes.
A fellow blogger has recomended a book The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love by Kristin Kimball , I hope to pick it up before Sunday.

The seed catalogues have begun to arrive , I am looking forward to sitting in my cozy chair, with my cozy blanket, lighting a candle, pouring a glass of wine and planning for spring.
Fantasies of spring will help with winter survival.
I have a long llist of plans and projects for the spring, much of my day is spent dreamiing.
This year I plan to:
Build or have built  a web sight
Print frame and sell some photo's
offer" farm stays" for paying quests
hold a barn sale and perhaps some cooking and menu planning classes

add more chickens for eggs, a cow and a pig for the freezer...so much more

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Jessica said...

Miss you Mom! It's been nice seeing you lately and Voe and I will be up soon. Love what you did with the roses, very fitting xoxo