Saturday, January 29, 2011


We just finished a meal,that calls for a nap!
I made homemade beef stew, and it was yummy.
I started the stew at 6:30am(yes this morning.)
I was too lazy to go with the recipe I had planned,so I winged it!
This is how it went: I went to the pantry and gathered my cast iron dutch oven and
12 small onions, peeled and quartered, placed in the pot over med. heat with olive oil and butter, sauteed
added 1/4 c brown sugar and sweat some more.

Brought the Belgians in, fed the dogs and horses. Removed from pan and cooked Bob 3 pcs french toast and sausages.


3lbs stew beef , a "family pack"(less6 raw pcs for Larger)
1.5lbs sweet sausage(again one pack) removed from skin. Browned meat all over, then added
2 Table spoons flour and the put the onions back in.
added 1 lb. peeled sliced carrots
hearts of one pack celery, sliced
2c beef stock
2 bay leafs
1 can kidney beans , do not drain
salt and pepper covered and moved to oven set on 200 baked
 for 3 hours.
 Cleaned stall's, met with the horse dentist,went to an estate sale.
 Bob went to Dicks, went to the dump and got more hay.
 We cleaned the front paddock together, and dumped manure.Shut of oven, but left dutch oven inside.
 Made bread, preheated oven to 350, cooked bread, set rice steamer with rice and beef stock

served over rice with fresh grated cheese

Lager and Bob are napping, time to bring in the Mini's and The Hounds.

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