Friday, January 7, 2011

I can handle the truth

so does my barn stink?
I was at a store yesterday, and I overheard two men chatting.
They were having the usual conversation, Happy New Year, whats new so on and so forth.
Then one asked of the other "so where are you working these days?". The man (who was sporting a shirt with a plumbers logo and purchasing plumbing supplies) said "you would not believe the s#@t hole I'm working at"
He went on and on, about work and the economy, then he made the statement " the place smells worse than a horse barn". So I ask, "does my barn stink".
Often when people (non horse people) learn we live over our barn they ask, how we stand the stink.
I love not only the smell of the barn, but the exuberant vigour and energy when the barn is full of animals .
I love entering the barn on a winter night, ( which has a totally different smell and feel than spring) and gently walking  into  the isle catching Nickel scratch his behind on the hay rack, or Jake sleeping.
I have a coworker, who's daughter er is experiencing migraines.
The family has been from doctor to doctor, I prescribed "barn time".

The energy of the barn is peace and serenity. When I come inside from the cold and winter is on my cheeks one of my favorite things to do is berry my face into Nickels side and soak in the heat and the fragrance.
Is it only horse people that can truly smell,the barn in all it's splendor.Or is it like smokers vs. non smokers, smokers can't smell the stink and non smokers can.

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