Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Produce Pickup

On Monday afternoons I make a "produce pickup",and oddly I look forward to it.

Last year I met a man who runs a ministry a  food pantry, and soup kitchen .
Throughout the week he picks up donations of food and on Sundays he feeds the hungry,and sends families home with food packages.
 Last year in conversation I learned that on Mondays he was struggling to get rid of the left over produce, minimally it meant a dump run., and the dump is closed Mondays.
I "volunteered" to help him by picking it up and feeding what I could to the animals and composting the rest.
He was happy to have the help, and be relieved of the task.
As with with most cases of giving back, what was meant to help someone else has turned into a small blessing. I often wish I was born in a time where no money passed hands only goodwill, bartering and favors.
I now  look forward to making the pick up on Mondays.
When I arrive what I find is one or two banana type boxes, what's inside is always a mystery until I return to the farm.
Sorting through the food is humbling, I think of the families that were fed the night before.
I make piles of what will be fed to the birds,chickens, bunny, pig and horses most weeks everyone gets something.

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