Sunday, January 30, 2011

The What Not Shop

Yesterday I visited a little shop in Kennebunk Maine, on Rte 1.The sign out front references Antiques, but it is more honestly a "what not shop" (Bob would say "look at my junk").The shop has multiple rooms of stuff, most without price tags. The owner encourages shoppers to look around and make an offer, no reasonable offer refused. I like this shop because whether I have 4$ or 40$ I can find something. I went to the shop looking for ice or hay hooks for a spring project , I found two. I also picked up a quilt that will be kept in the tack room, and used for wagon rides and some other stuff...
a cotton calander/dish rag 1964

a cowbell with a leather strap

an old sleeve ironong board

a huge "Pyrex" jar ( about 4 gallon) good for pussy willows

another boot jack (the white one)

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Rocco the BT said...

Those are some really cool finds!