Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Menu Plan and why

Although this is not meant to be a food blog, I confess I am a foodie. I love to cook and feed people. Menu plans have been a huge part of my success to cooking and balancing my passion with the farm.
Here is this weeks menu with some side bar info, a bit of how I choose and why.

Friday: Roast Beef Arsiago French Dip
Friday : End of work week, long commute for Bob look for fast filling, easy.

Saturday: Slow Cooker Lemonade Chicken.
Saturday: Usually a  farm day, like to cook something hearty for lunch that we can pick at if need be at the end of day, some left overs.

Sunday Foot Ball Food
Sunday:Hang out in and out side work up a hunger, more time to cook and eat as well as extra time to clean up. Usually produces left overs for a week night meal or lunch box.

Cowboy Chili
Stuffed Peppers,1-0,stuffed_jalapeno_peppers,FF.html
Monday Back to work, quick after chore but yummy, not very expensive.Can heat when ready to eat.
Tuesday: Stir Fry Veggie w. Chicken Fried Rice
Tuesday: Left over Saturday Chicken
Wednesday: Taco Salad
repurpose football Sunday left overs
Thursday: Frittata
Thursday:low cost at end of the week, not difficult can adjust to serve 1-6 reheats for lunch or breakfast and cleans  out veggie draw, and some times leftover meats.

So there is a method to the madness
Minimize Waste

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