Monday, November 30, 2009

Puppy Class I

Tonight was Lagers first ever puppy training class. The class was held at Kennebunk MSPCA. The building and trainer were very nice. It was sad to see how many animals they had awaiting placement.I liked the 6 month old Bloodhound girl in class, Roxy.Puppy class is all about socialization Lager did well with that.I think my pup is tuckered out!Lager went in his crate without a peep. I made apple crisp ,now I'm tired as well. I might have to mix up the menu,hamburger rolls are not done. I thought tonight was CSA pick up , it is tomorrow, and two dogs have appointments with Vet.Might do Crock Pot Pork and slow roast beans tomorrow,will buy time with out purchasing any thing extra.

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