Friday, November 27, 2009


There is a book called The Maine Dictionary by John McDonald it defines trailer as follows: "As far as many Mainers are concerned, be they ever so humble , traylahs are home."...
TRAyLuh house trayluhs,boat trayluhs,snowmobile traluhs,horse trayluhs,and livestock trayluhs .
"He points out that many people in Maine earn a living going from one trayluh to another. They'llwake up in their double wide and go to work driving a semi-tractor trayluh. They come back to their double wide after eight or ten days on the road , have a quick nap, and then hook up a boat and trayluh to their 4x4 and head up to camp - a log cabin trayluh combo."

This is my latest addition it is a chicken trailer.
I purchased it from the farmers at Wild root Farm, as they closed.
Bob has a tool trailer and we have a manure trailer, so this addition is officially #3 trailer so as defined by the Maine dictionary we are on our way to being true Mainers.
Bob picked up the trailer and nesting boxes from the girls mid week while I was working. Bob said he was glad I was not home to catch a photo as it was toed down the street.
This trailer will make it possible to have free range chicken.
Free-Range Eggs
Free-range eggs have darker yolks and “eggier”
They have elevated vitamin levels, especially
vitamin A
They command high prices at farmer’s markets,
health-food stores, bakeries, restaurants, and
locally-owned supermarkets
Free-Range Chickens
Free-Range chickens tend to produce more
Bully less
eat fleas, ticks and grubs
Fertilize pasture
Moving the Trailer
This trailer will hitch to the back of my Tractor ,or Bobs mower.
It is even light enough to move by hand short distances.
The fencing will be quick portable fencing with solar charge. When I put it into use in the spring I will take more photo's.
If you are going to try a portable coop this is what I've learned to be Best Practice:
Move your houses when the area around them gets
muddy or the manure gets thick rather than spotty.
Hens can find their house again if it’s moved a
short distance, but not a long one
Train your hens by moving the house 20 feet or
less the first time
You can move houses with experienced hens up to
100 feet at a time.
Wait till the nieghbor gets alook at this moving around MY Farm

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