Friday, November 27, 2009

Steps in Sustainablity

I have been thinking I will soon add a mission statement to this blog something that tells more about our farm goals, I have not yet completed that task. If you have followed my blog for any length of time you probably have figured out some of my values and goals.
Two of the most important "things" in my life are my Family and Farm.
In an attempt to be a good steward of my farm I have been trying to be less wasteful,of all our resources.
We collect rain via. rain buckets and use it on the farm for cleaning kennels and gardening. We raise chickens and grow veggies and herbs.
We shop local when we can and eat in season.
The ultimate goal is to one day work only on the farm,a sustainable life will be a huge part of reaching this goal.I have for years,done weekly menu's.
Before I go to the store I have "in mind" what we will eat for the week. In an attempt to fine tune this process I am putting in place some new processes many I have learned from other blogs.
1.)Written weekly menu's (not just an menu idea)
2.) Grocery Lists
(I down loaded a free temp.plate at
3.)No shop / No spend Days (stick to the menu)
ps.the photo is local canned harvest @ The Fair

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