Sunday, November 22, 2009

wrong again!

Thankful week Day 2
Today I am thankful, that I was wrong yesterday!
I mentioned that Jake does not lie down often , today he pointed out he does(when he chooses). I am thankful that I was wrong , because if Jake can lower his guard then I am doing a good job with him.
Today was a typical New England weather day, you walk out side and can see your breath.As you get bizzy doing chores you take of layers,as you rake you sweat. Then you go for an end of the day trail ride and come back shivering. Just in time for roast beef potatoes and Patriots football.

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Blessed Rain said...

Thank you for your offer to help pen pal my children - and as soon as they are on that level I would love to take you up on it!
My girl is still in beginning stages of the first grade so her grasp on reading and writing is still very minimal.
I love your farm and I am sure your knowledge and expertise are amazing!