Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some things do not make sence

Yesterday I got up and put on my khakis, and headed down to the barn to say good bye before work. I quickly remembered,it is not the weather for Khakis. I changed into my jeans. Bob had propane delivered, at the same price we paid last February.After work I did some chores ,ate dinner and showered before I sat down to stuff envelopes for the Abenaki Club. It was cold in our room, when the heat is on it is set at 64. I asked Bob to start the fire. He promptly told me fires are illegal in Maine in November,then he got me a blanket.Today I awoke at 4:30 to 29 degree dog walking. I went to work dressed in layers, it got clear and warm. At about 11 they asked employees to move cars from employee parking. The company that supplies our propane hooked a pipe to an area in the lot and lit a fire. They were "cleaning the pipes" .The fire burned till they put it out at 4:oo when I was heading out. I don't understand a place where we burn fuel all day and pollute the air to clean, while others turn down the thermostat and freeze. hmm

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