Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thankful Week

Many horse very rarley lie down, Nickel lies down alot.
Becouse horses are pray animals, it is rare to see them lie down.
Horses are usally ready to run for their lives. Horses legs are equiped with locking meconisms that provent them from fallind over when they sleep standing up. I am thankful that Nickel feels safe enough on his farm that he lies down alot. On occasion we have seen both Jake and Nick lie down but most often Nickel lies down and Jake stands gaurd. Nick is so content that both Bob and I have layed along side him in the paddock. I have to tell you it is an awsome feeling to lay along side a 1800lb creature and know your safe. I am thankful.

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Farmer's Daughter said...

Our Shire Annabelle layed down a lot in the week before she gave birth. She must have been exhausted! She kept faking us out and making us think she was in labor, but then of course gave birth overnight when we weren't around to watch.

Our Percheron Bill has been laying down a lot, and he's not doing well. He's got cancer (had tumors for years) and we think it's finally spread enough to bother him quite a bit. The first sign of a problem, though, was him laying down. Not sure how much time he has left, but he's actually been doing better the last few days.