Friday, November 6, 2009

New shoes

I broke down and purchased my self new shoes this week (Wednesday night). If you Know me you understand I do not buy for myself, especialy new$60.00 shoes. I got desperate, the pain took over. Becouse I work on concrete floors at my off the farm job, I have been experiancing foot and knee pain. I did a lot of reserch and these get great reviews from Nurses and Dr.s who are also on their feet.

The ad reads:

Kicking up your heels has never been so "WOW" comfortable! Our closed-back design will let you kick as high as you want - this klog isn't going anywhere!

On the outside, polyurethane construction makes Boca:
• durable
• flexible
• light-weight
• shock absorbing
• easy to clean

Inside, our latex-free footbeds cradle your foot in comfort for extra shock absorption and are anti-microbial to resist odor.

Unisex styling makes Boca the perfect shoe for anyone on their feet.

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