Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful Day Before

Day before Turkey Day
I am thankful for a husband that helps with chores
(at least the outside ones).
I am thankful for a job that helps purchase a Thanksgiving feast
(although I long for the day I work only on my farm).
I have been working 6am - 3pm this week at the Big Orange Box, and Bob has been doing all the farm chores, making it possible to do holiday chores on my lunch and after work.
The house needs a serious session with the vacuum and that is planned for 3:30
I am Thankful for my puppy.
We sure have allot of groceries at the house,and when I get home I will start preparations for the feast. My son Bobby and his girl friend Keri are coming for the holiday, so I have an excuse to cook in excess.YAY
Did I mention I am thankful for a son who loves left overs.
I am thankful that Keri will keep me company as I prep tonight.
The menu this year will come largely from The Food Network.I bought a 29#lb Turkey (for 4 people)
Bob is traveling to Ma. today to see Bobby and Keri's new home, I wish I could have gone. Bobby and Keri have been working night and day to get ready for their move Monday. It is a sacrifice for them to give up a full day there tomorrow to spend the holiday with us , so Bob is going to help them a bit today.
The Menu
Deviled Eggs (Farm Fresh)
Home Made Pickles
Bacon Spinach Dip (full pig next spring not 1/2)
Turkey w Sage (note to self , purchase Turkey in spring)
Home Made Cranberry Sauce w Pears and applesauce
Sweet potatoes,Maine white potatoes, squash,carrots (most from CSA)
Can corn /the Men like;(
apple crisp (Moms recipe)
Chocolate cheese cake bars (Keri likes chocolate)
Pumpkin cake

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goatldi said...

Are you sure you have enough for 4 people? Happy Thanksgiving!