Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good With The Bad

Better or worst
Today was one of those days where it was an effort to see the good with the bad.

-Went to bed late ,some one had to watch football
+Good slept well till 4:15am
-6to3 work day woke up to a poopy pup
+Good when you get out at 3:00 it's still light and you have time do "other stuff"
-Winter car not working
+Good got to ride in with Bob and the car only needed an adjustment to battery cable
-Had to be at Vet with two dogs for 4:30
+Both Beau and Lager had good visits
-CSA pick up day,arrived late, Bob was angry he had to wait for me
+Awesome share, lot of nice veggies Amy (one of the farmers) said she would consign some of my photo's.
-Got home in the dark, Bob was hungry=grumpy
+Dinner done,slow cooked pork n beans nice full moon
-did not get to touch my Belgian's today
+ I have two Belgians

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