Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pressure Is On

The pressure is on , 28 days and counting to complete my New Years resolutions for 2009.
Truth be told none of the resolutions I made this year will be "completed" any time soon. The resolutions I made are opportunities for growth and on going.I feel like I have progressed well on :
1. being good steward of my farm
2. wasting less (money , energy,and food)
3. teaching and sharing what I have learned 'my talents"
the last was
5.learn to make bread I tried Amish Friendship Bread and failed , but my goal really was a yeast bread and I have not made a real effort on that.
I am now focused on this goal and the 28 days I have to start the learning process. I found a resource in this months Mother Earth News "How to make bread in Five Minutes a Day". The process seems manageable(once you start). I did not have what I needed in my pantry, so I placed an order with King Aurthur's Flour on Tuesday.The package arrived the next day. I consider myself a good cook, but I have learned baking takes more of a focus and is not as easy to substitute. When I cook I measure almost nothing, and create some of the stuff I most enjoy with what is on hand or an adaption of a recipe.When I actually start the process (this week end I will post more of the details, and results.

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