Sunday, December 20, 2009


The big boys are back outside,after some much needed barn time.We only got a couple inches of snow, but the wind was cold. While inside the drafts got lots of brushing and hay. Although we have a beautiful barn, and nice big stalls the drafts spend nights outside.Bob has built them a huge , double run in.The run in can be accessed by tractor, if need be.When the drafts are in Bob does not sleep, for fear Nickel will cast in his stall. Nickel has cast twice.
A "cast" horse refers to one that is stuck on the ground for some reason-- either its legs are under a fence, or the horse has rolled up near a wall.Nickel loves his stall, and lies down for naps.When Nickel becomes very rested he goes into a deep sleep,and rolls over.A cast horse may panic and thrash, injuring themselves on a wall.In the day time we can interrupt Nickels naps keeping them shorter.

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