Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Week Till Winter

Mainers are digging out. Today we had a storm,just in time for the morning commute. Now we are dealing with a wintry wet mess.The snow has turned to rain,the Draft horses are in the barn about to have their dinner. I am in the kitchen and I can hear the snow melting from roof and dumping onto the walks and driveway's, Bob had clear.I arrived home at 4pm, thanks to a 31 min lunch and early release. It was a blessing to come home to the scents of beef stew in the oven. A number of people have asked me why I make Menu's, and shopping lists and one of the biggest reasons is eliminating the need to drive home wondering what I will make for dinner. A second reason is driving to work without regretting that I did not take anything out of the freezer.
Reasons I make Menu's
3. Having something to look forward to when I have lunch room lunch
4. Not having to stop on the ride home for groceries
5. A husband that is lovable with a full belly
6. Chores that fill my plate,
7.time saved day to day
8. Being responsible for the shopping, (takes less time with a list)
9. Paying for the groceries, I save money with a meal plan ( I try to use some like ingredients)70 - 100 $ a week
10. Hating waste , waste less with a plan
11. Having more time to spend with the ones I love (like my puppy)
12. eating fresh, in season and local
Having the tools for the job also helps, I love this Dutch Oven that I cooked todays stew in.
I have taken many of hints from the web on Menu planning, I have had to change my plan to fit my pay check I plan and shop Friday- Thursday becouse Friday is payday.

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