Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Love A Full Barn

< Four degrees till normal. The temperatures in Maine have plummeted, as they have across much of New England. The attire currently is all about function,I am loving my coveralls. When I arrived home from work on Tuesday, the thermometer read 5, the radio station was reporting a -20 wind chill factor. The barn got lots of action,I am thankful to have such a functional barn. I had planned to post these photo's last night as I settled in, however with the fierce winds the Internet was not cooperating long. I was able to post only the silly photo's. On a more serious note, I made an executive decision to move all horses inside. If you follow the blog, with any consistency you are aware that for the most part the big boys are kept outside overnight.The Belgians for the most part prefer to be outside with the freedom to go in and out of the big run in.We prefer for the most part to keep them outside for their safety (no chance of casting). You only had to be out side for seconds yesterday to realize it was not fit for man nor beast. You can see from the photo's however Nick was his predictable self he immediately not only lied down but rolled over in his stall. After all of the dogs had been walked and settled in and all of the horses and foul had been fed I took each of the Belgians out for a full grooming and vacuum. Nickels grooming required much more wood chip removal.With Nick and Jake in the barn Lager was restricted to the tack room clear from big Belgian feet, he too seemed to settle in quick. With all the Large warm bloods in the barn it heated up nicely, and was quite comfortable for my barn time.

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