Thursday, December 17, 2009

Temp of 11,wind chill -4

Simultaneously the alarm sounded and the wind howled, it was 4:05am. The voices in my head said"15 more minutes". Across the house Lager said "no way Mom , get up". That little bugger is going make an awesome guard dog for me, he does not miss a sound!The minute he hears the alarm he is up and ready. I got out of bed turned on the coffee pot, hooked Lagers leash and slid on my "Muck Boots"out we went. I had barely shut the door behind me when the wind chill burned my thighs. Lucky for me Lager did not take long to do his business. Both Nickel and Jake were nestled in their awesome run in , Nickel was laying down. Back in side , pour and sip my coffee while I make my personal protector his breakfast of kibble, cottage cheese and chicken livers (an investment in my future).Fill 4 plastic cranberry juice jugs with water. Dress for my day job then cover with my canvas overalls, Cahart sox two jackets and gloves. Leash for my partner and down to the barn.Lager goes into Nickels stall. Feed for the horses, a walk for the Bloodhounds and into the kennels, breakfast and one of the waters for each.While the hounds digest breakfast,it is across the yard to check pig.Boogie is tucked in the pig house tight with his hay. I feed pig a mix of slosh 1/2 a jug of the water and pot belie pig feed. Open the chicken coop 1,2,3,4,and one rooster everyone made it, 1/2 a jug water and pellet. Back to the Hound pen Huck is ready to hunker in a stall in the barn, into Jake's he goes. Break the ice on Mini's water out they go.Food and water for bunny,the water bottle gets switched out for the one that has been in the barn. Two more hounds into the barn."off to work" After work I did almost all of the above in reverse then came in to vacuum and wrap gifts. Lager had a different plan he unwrapped one of his gifts and is laying by the fire, this inspired me to blog. I Love My Farm Family.

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Spring Lake Farm said...

Wow! What a full morning!