Sunday, April 18, 2010

What was I thinking

On Thursday night Bob and I were pointing out the signs that we live on a farm, truth be told we live over a barn. The sofa was covered with pollen, the kitchen had an over flowing compost bucket in the sink, fresh eggs to be washed were on the counter,dog food littered the floor and heck the mud room was full of mud.
On Friday ,at work everyone was moaning. The complaint:the weather it was going to rain all week end. I thought ah that's OK let it rain, I need a week end in the house to clean. What was I thinking ? I cleaned all day yesterday and I tucked my self into bed at 8pm tired and with a plan. I was going to awake in my clean house, do some early morning chores get washed and dressed and head into town to see a friend. I woke at six Lager had an accident and the crate had poop , the house no longer smelled clean.I cleaned the mess and walked the pup, then I had my am coffee with Lager as he ate and before we headed down stairs. I fed the 4 horses and walked the hounds. Then I stood in my mucking boots and looked at the muck and mud. I hooked up the pump and ran the hose and pumped and shoveled for two hours.We then cleaned the rabbit hutch and chicken coop. Apparently when you take a self proclaimed rain day, to celebrate domestic living the chores pile up.Lager went over to the club with me to make a deposit to and rotate the manure pile.Finally it was time to shower and head into town. Fresh baked Banana bread in hand I paid a visit to my dear friend Richard,who is battling cancer. All I can say about my visit is if you are the praying type please pray for Dick Lachance. When I returned and started to do K9 lunches I found Huckleberry head down and tail between his legs, his age is showing and like Dick I suspect he is loosing his battle and his will. I am going to spend the balance of the day appreciating the time I have on my farm and hoping we don't have a whole lot more rain.

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Rocco the BT said...

Those look like a content pair of Belgians. I notice the sticks are getting progressively bigger as Lager gets larger, soon he'll be bringing you small trees!

Huck and Dick are both in my prayers