Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday , a day of rest

just kidding.
Bob and I did our morning chores,then took a ride for coffee.
It was only moments in the truck when we noticed a bad smell,Lager was stinking!
We sensed a little funk last night while watching our movie, but this was bad! One thing about having a puppy is key= flexibility. I had decided there would be no house keeping this week end,so Bob and I could spend time together.It quickly became evident a bath was in order. Lager was bathed and then the bathroom was scrubbed. Bob cut the side lawn and patched some dead spots in the lawn.I cooked a roast beef with carrots and potatoes.Bob got a call and left again for work. I assembled my garden beds, and put a coat of paint on the fire pit. I then put the Minni's in and cleaned their paddock.I touched up the big boys paddock and decided to call it a night. One problem, we are one hen short.I tried to close up the chicken house, but one hen resisted. I guess I will be going back out it is 7:40 I hope she will be done visiting pig by 8.Bob and I did get to sit on the lawn with Huckleberry and have a cocktail earlier,so I guess that counts as resting.


Jessica said...

Nice to see the Minis! They look great, Maine agrees with Mini Sparks.

Hope all the hens are accounted for :)

Rocco the BT said...

Einstein the World's Smallest Horse born 6lbs in NH