Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pick Up #9

Today was the 9th and final winter CSA share pick up. I must say I am a little sad. I have looked forward to the bi weekly visits to Wolf Pine Farm. The garden shares were a good size the product was of nice quality and the atmosphere at the farm is a nice place to visit. The winter share started almost five months ago, the time has passed quickly. My sadness is offset by the spring happenings at our own farm.The second garden bed and pea poles are started.We are getting 4 large eggs a day and I am two days from vacation (more on that soon).
This weeks share:
6 lbs. potatoes I picked 3# each of two types
3 lbs. carrots they are huge and funky but so are my Belgians, so that's perfect.I put one in each grain bucket tonight.
1 bag of salad Paul's YAY
4 lbs. beets
you had a choice of 1 lb blue berries or 1lb parsnips I picked blue berries
1 lg. bag bag black beans I traded my beans for 6lbs parsnips
1 bag corn meal
1 pint maple syrup

I received an e mail in advance re: the corn meal, it was funny to get a locavore disclosure. I am OK with the corn meal, I am planning to use this on fish when the fish market opens May 1st.
It read:

Your share this week includes a 2 pound bag of cornmeal. This corn comes from Wapsi Valley Iowa and is an open pollinated heirloom variety with amazing flavor.

This is our only real "exception to the rule" of local foods only in our shares. We hope you'll forgive us - it's such a great product grown by a farmer we trust who carefully monitors, among other things, for GMO (genetically modified Organism) "contamination. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do."

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Jessica said...

you're going to be on vacation? Maybe I will be able to make it up to visit...I wish you could come visit me