Friday, April 30, 2010

stop and smell the flowers

The end of vacation day #1/10. It is always amazing to me how fast 8 hours at home passes vs 8 hours at work. I think I mentioned this in the past, but let me repeat I Love being home!I slept till six,(this is two additional hours)supplemented breakfast for all four dogs(as a rule I only supplement Lagers the others get kibble), did my "regular chores", completed the weekly grocery shopping, started my spring cleaning.Now I am going to start dinner on the grill. Bob never did make it home last night,but he is in route now. We are going to enjoy a quiet evening on the farm.It will be interesting to See how Lager acts, last Friday when Bob arrived home Lager was very excited,and had a tough time settling for the night. Lager is crate trained and most nights he is very ready to settle in his crate at 8pm. Last Friday Lager fussed in his crate for the first time ever.I think he wanted to stay up and be sure Bob was not leaving again, maybe I over think things we will see what tonight brings.I will say every night this week he has gone to bed on time and without a peep.He might be a Daddy's boy.

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