Thursday, April 1, 2010


That is what I feel today!
Ok I feel thrilled by the sun on my face,and thankful the rain stopped. I feel blessed to have a job.I feel excited that my Mom is going to visit (who I have not seen in 3months) and my older brother (who I have not seen in 15 months)but most of all in this moment I feel jealous! Bob went to Massachusetts today, and I am jealous I wanted to go. What is in Massachusetts? Every one of my loved ones that are not on this farm!Bob went to visit the new home of our son Bobby and his girl friend Keri.Bobby and Keri are doing TONS of landscaping and Bob went to take a peak.I wish I could have gone.Lager went along for the ride, soon Bobby and Keri will have their own Giant Rott. Jesse and one of her dogs stopped in, how much fun in the sun.Lucky Dogs! I have the next three days off so I plan to do some gardening and allot of spring cleaning of my own. Once I have a full day home I will feel a little better.

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Jessica said...

We missed you too