Monday, April 19, 2010

Awesome down stay!

OK I hope I am not jinxing Lager for the test tomorrow night, but look at this awesome down stay.
What makes it awesome, let me count the ways:
1.Lager got very little exercise today, on an average day he gets lots of exercise and interaction.
2.Bob was not home to reinforce the commands, Bob has done 99.9% of Lagers training.
3.Lager was instructed to stay down in the paddock while I did chores, Lager does not go in the paddocks.
4. There was horse smells and yelling roosters, ok this happens all the time.

Lager did an awesome down stay I filled two buckets, before releasing him and he waited. YAY Wish him luck for tomorrow nights CGC test.

1 comment:

Terry said...

A well behaved pooch is a joy to be around. And I do understand your pride in his accomplishment.

Our 5 month old English Setter pup Ari is still full of wiggles and giggles but knows some commands and sleeps all night.

Ohhhhhhh the joys of puppyhood!